"Cities beyond the picture"
By Angelo de Francisco Mazzaccara

Angelo de Francisco Mazzaccara, after many years of traditional painting, has based himself in a new vest to the Milanese public. On Tuesday 28 October 2008, at the Schubert gallery in Milan, there will be the inauguration, his personal art exhibition titled: "Cities beyond the picture". The artworks, created with digital tools and printed on photographic supports, are the fruit of the last years of his artistic search. A search known, until now, by a few fans of the created art screen, testing of ground of an obliged passage, for people who, like de Francisco, wish to break a away from the aesthetic style acquired during the 60's when Brera's Accademy, was conduct by Guido Ballo, but above all the those who for attending the binds and barriers, and are fascinated by secret the capabilities are trying to overcome of the new technologies.
The art exhibition, born through the collaboration of the Schubert gallery and Ancona's Artessenza by Adriano d'Annunzio, is accompanied by an important monograph with texts of Valentina Gentile and of the curator Lorenzo Bonini, of the manager of the Lecce's Gallery Primo Piano Mrs Dores Sacquegna and a full interview of the artist Giorgio Seveso. The catalogue includes two dvds with some artworks of the art screen.
De Francisco talks about the city and its people, but above all of his own personal way to penetrate under its "skin" and dissect the means more profond. A penetration that gives its own contribution to the understanting of a world and society that is losing sight of its own valors. The artist, claiming for himself and for artists like him, the prophetic role that is often lost to the detriment of more ephemeral searchs and easy results, completes his own nature. De Francisco doesn't pursue the trend, he takes the necessary time to observe elaborate his own personal language speaking to the surrounding world with his artworks, that are the mute testimony of the human condition.

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